1. I’ll start making gifs for this blog once it gets warm again.

    It’s been REALLY cold in New York this winter and I can’t sit at my computer without wrapping a blanket around me.


    Calling some of these “horror” is a stretch, but if there are horror themes, I’m counting them. (I hate those used game boxes from GameStop.)

    Now. In New York, we’re having scary movie/game/stories weather today, so I need to decide what to play. Except Shivers because it won’t play on a 64-bit computer. :( And Calling because it is the worst game I have EVER played in my life. Avoid it. Trust me.

    I should have posted this here, too.

  2. ((DOn't forget moments from games like Doom (3 mostly), System Shock 2 (although it might be hard putting the scary into a gif for this one because there isn't many scary moments just a feeling of dread), and Dead Space (1 is the scariest). I don't have any specific moments in mind at the moment, but those games might be great to add on your blog. Also I'm sort of a nerd for them XD))

    I’ve already made gifs of Dead Space. :) As for the other games, if someone sends me a video of what they want, I can gif it.

    Condemned 2 - Doll Factory

    This was suggested by willowoftheriver, and I’m really glad because I didn’t even think to gif this scene.